Cosmoprof Bologna 2018

I recenetly  had the amazing opportunity to attend Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy. This global beauty event takes place yearly and i can’t even really explain the scale of it. The best way i can think of is imagine a film lot, like you see in the movies with various sets scattered all over the site, that is pretty much what Cosmoprof is is like. Massive pavilions packed floor to ceiling with every kind of beauty and hair treatment you can imagine, not forgetting make up and then a whole load more pavilions crammed with packaging!


Once in Italy my weekend really started with an interesting cab ride, myself and Paula    (i’ll talk more about Paula later) were waiting for a taxi outside the airport and who should come down the line asking if anybody was going to Cosmoprof- Trinny Woodall! of course we let Trinny into our taxi and she was a good sport allowed us to take some photos etc… once at the venue we went our separate ways and went into the show.

I have never seen anything like it!, I looked at the floor plan and literally had no idea where i  was, what i wanted to see or indeed how i would navigate my way back out of the pavilions later that day!.

I thought i would just do an initial post about the show, and focus subsequent posts on brands and products.

The mens grooming market has exploded over the last 2 years, this was very noticeable at Cosmoprof with whole sections dedicated to mens grooming, I did see a lot of beards in all shapes and sizes, and also some very sharp mens haircuts. Barbering was a heavy feature at the show and there were plenty of mens barbers show casing cuts and beard trimming, they were interesting and drawing big crowds around their stages.


The ladies hairdressing areas were also very busy and full of energy, I saw some beautiful hair cuts and hair ups, and some of the extensions were amazing. I did notice the big key ingredient with the hair brands was Keratin – this is a protein that strengthens hair. I think we have now moved away from just overloading the hair with moisture as we think its dry, and trying to focus on strengthening the hair due to the daily heat many of us use.  I remember when i was hairdressing many many moons ago we used to use keratin treatments in the salon so its nice to see it has now filtered down to the home use market.

My perception of Green and Organic brands has definitely changed over recent years, I used to think a lot of it was all about the nice smell, but many products didn’t really pack a punch, generally aimed at dryer skin types. In the last 3 years more consumers are wanting natural and organic products with the rise of Vegan lifestyle, but as the beauty market place is booming, brands are having to up their game to get noticed. There were some really unusual organic brands at Cosmoprof and what i found really interesting is the Korean market has also started to embrace the organic trend.


Body wise Brazilan bum lifts are still big business, the advanced treatments pavilions were packed with bum lifting and toning professional devices and treatments.  I can’t even remember how many ladies bums i saw in that arena! Facial and body contouring were also very popular.

The biggest difference that i noticed is a lot of these treatments required multiple sessions. I think in the UK and America we are far to inpatient to follow a course of treatments and people who can afford to prefer to jump the gun and have a one off treatment. A lot of the European brands concentrated on the relaxation side of the treatment as well as the targeted concern which was refreshing to see. But i guess it all comes down to your personal preference. If you enjoy weekly sessions for 6 weeks or if you prefer a one of treatment. But what ever your preference, there was plenty to see and try.

Cosmacuticals are what first peaked my interest in the beauty industry, and it was noticeable at Cosmoprof that many brands have now made the jump into the world of Cosmacuticals, ( Cosmacuticals are generally skincare products that contain powerful ingredients in a smaller molecules so they penetrate past the top layer of skin, I will cover this topic more in subsequent posts).


Advanced skincare brands are taking more of an interest in natural and organic market and successfully incorporating this into advanced beauty lines.

A big ingredient that featured in many skincare brands were stem cells. Stem cells have been bouncing around the advanced area of the market for quite some time, with various versions from natural to synthesised, now this has filtered down to the retail and home use market as more research has been completed, and more availability of the ingredients could possibly explain the sudden surge.

This can also be down to the understanding that we don’t just need to over load the face with moisture, you also need to repair and strengthen the collagen underneath, ( the stuff that keeps your skin looking plump) again i think the market for this is split, you either enjoying applying the lotions and potions on a daily basis and following a treatment regime or you use the quick option and use filers and botox. But plenty of choice is what makes the beauty industry interesting and fun for bloggers like me.

Korea is still keen to promote sheet masks, however many had changed the consistency of the product to more jelly like rather then the watery solutions that had a tendency to run down your face. Many of the masks are now also adding an ampule treatment to apply to the skin after you have used the sheet mask. As much as i think sheet masks are fun and a great gift idea, they are not really an essential beauty product.

I did notice that the Korean market was keen to try and show there is more to their skincare then sheet masks, quite a few companies had started to go down the green and organic route, while others were focusing on tools and gadgets.


European brands were a real eclectic mix of products and probably where most of the advanced skincare brands originate from, interestingly there were quite a few European brands who targeted and caterers for the Asian market and were trying to introduce there brand back into the European market?.

There wasn’t a huge amount of British brands exhibiting, But my understanding is Cosmoprof is quite expensive to exhibit and i guess a lot of companies especially those who are fairly new just don’t have the budget, also you have to consider if you want to distribute your products globally and where your product sits within the global beauty market.

Weirdest thing that i didn’t fancy was goat milk face and body care products, beauty products which packaging looked like household domestic cleaning brands, and hemp skin and body care ( just to clarify theres nothing wrong with these brands/products i just don’t fancy them for myself)

What really surprised me was the lack of skin supplements and inner health.  I think i only saw 2?. In the UK The beauty and skincare supplest business is exploding with every brand trying to go a piece of the supplement cake.

So there you go a quick overview of one of Europes biggest beauty shows

I have some exciting brands to talk to you about  ( including the lovely Paula and her unique lip product). And finally a really exciting skincare device which i hope to see in the UK market soon.







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