SPF Even when its not summer?

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You may have seen in the last few months a big push from various professionals in the skincare and beauty industry concentrating on the importance of wearing SPF protection even when its not sunny? and yes your right it does sound silly, but actually the medical and aesthetic industry have been advising this for years so after reading a lot about the damage to the skin from the sun (even when its not the summer) i decided to continue my SPF use daily, but now i had to try to find a product that would actually work with my skin!

IMG_1540I was very lucky to be gifted the Heliocare360 collection from AesthetiCare in July and after testing it in various climates- (French alps in July, Spanish Winter Sun in October, and cold and wet England – Present) i think its fair to say i have put these cream to the test!

When i start getting ready for a summer holiday i always panic about finding a suitable SPF50 for my face, i have oily, acne prone skin and generally dread using high Sun protection, having tried many different brands on the market including the original Heliocare SPF50 and most have prevented my face from burning but 9/10 my skin breaks out due to the fact most SPF’s are heavy and not designed for oily skin, take forever to rub and feel greasy and heavy. So when i received the Heliocare360 collection i admit i was skeptical but excited to give it a try.

Gel – Oil free, dry touch 

This does not feel like a Factor 50 at all, easily absorbed into the skin, light and non greasy and it remained non greasy all day! this is my favourite of all the range and the one i still wear daily, obviously whilst on holiday i would reapply again later in the day, and still my skin didn’t look oily!

Mineral – Fluid

This was my second choice to try, it felt a little more powdery then the gel, slightly thiner in consistency, again easily absorbed into the skin, however due to the thiner properties of the mineral fluid you do have to be careful with how much you dispense from the tube, as with the gel i reapplied again when on holiday and as with the gel this didn’t looked caked on by the end of the day, however my skin was not as matt as with the gel, but by no means was it shiny.

Fluid Cream 

I only used this once, its not because i really disliked the fluid, its just that i preferred the texture of the gel and mineral cream, however the delicious daddy (My Husband) always complains as his hairline is receding that this area burns, so i gave him the fluid to use, he loved this product and he said it was the best cream he had used as his head didn’t burn and it didn’t look like he had a ton of SPF on his head, so this is now my hubby’s suncream of choice for holiday!

360 Capsules

The capsules were what i was most eager to try, they contain Fernblock- as do the SPF products:

“Fernblock FC is what makes Heliocare 360˚ so unique. It’s a supercharged, fern-derived anti-oxidant that fights and neutralises harmful free radicals in your skin, defending your key skin cells like collagen and elastin. It’s the result of years of research and is exclusive to Heliocare 360˚ products”.- text from AesthiCare.co.uk

I only used the capsules when i was on holiday, and generally i suffer with slight prickly heat and or heat rashes at the end of the day from being in the sun, honestly this didn’t happen when i was taking the capsules, also i noticed that my face didn’t feel dry or tight, and didn’t break out in the normal end of the holiday breakout- (forehead and cheeks).

I am massively impressed with the heliocare360 range, the oil free gel in my favourite and is now my daily SPF, and i will be using the capsules when i go on holiday again as this really helped to stop my skin from feeling dehydrated and tight, also the fact it stopped the heat rashes is a winner.

Also over the festive season Helliocare have been teasing images on social media about a new product launching in the range this year, but they are yet to unveil what it will be…….

Heliocare360 is available at various online and high street retailers to find your nearest supplier click the hashtag and type your postcode to find your closest stockist





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