Define Me Sophia Isobel Fragrance

When i attended Cosmoprofna i didn’t really think about fragrances, so it was  great that i had the chance to try an American fragrance brand that not only aims to make you feel good about yourself but try to help empower others in the process.

In 2015 Defineme was launched after its founder Jennifer McKay-Newton realised that after working on fragranced candles she want she wanted to take the leap into the beauty industry and create fragrances for Women.

“A collection of beautiful fragrances packaged as empowered women! The women, whom I like to refer to as It-Girls, are inspired by a new generation who are breaking molds and crushing barriers! I carefully choose a name and signature for each fragrance that represents both the scent and the personality behind it, which I believe breathes life into it. The intention is to be a wearable reminder of one’s own confidence, strength, passion, fearlessness + to empower! The importance of giving back is a big part of me, so I’ve implemented the DEFINEME DOLLAR program. We give $1 of every bottle sold to ‘She’s the First’, a non-profit that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders”.- text from

The Define me range currently consists of 6 fragrance oils and fragrance mists:

Audry – Fresh and floral

Clara– Elegant and Floral

Delphine– Woody and Floral

Harper– Citrus and sweet

Payton– Spicy and sexy

Sophia Isobel – Intoxicating and sweet

These are just brief descriptions and i am not going to pretend to be a fragrance guru and try to break down the top notes in each scent etc….You will notice that the names have a french influence this is because Jennifer adores Paris and likes to encapsulate this within the Defineme brand.

You can take a quiz on the Defineme website to find out which scent would suit you best, i did and the fragrance for me was:

image from

“DefineMe Delphine is an artistic, creative soul who radiates an effortless elegance. DefineMe Delphine is a beyond dreamy floral with notes of lilac, freesia, ylang ylang, coconut + rosewood.”- text from

But the fragranced i received in my beauty box

Sophia Isobel

image from

“A free spirit who embraces life with confidence + grace.

Notes of mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar. 

Blendable with other DefineMe Fragrance Oils + Mists.


Wear it to a concert or simply hanging out with girlfriends.”- text from 


I would agree that this is a versatile fragrance , its very sweet with a softness to it, (if that makes sense) its not too overpowering so if you like your strong Channels this will be very different for you. It lasts a good half day but you will need to top up if your going out again that night, (who doesn’t do that anyway!) The oil is just the right consitency its not to thick you have snail trials on your wrist and not so thin that it spills everywhere when you apply. it didnt react with the skin in the sun. You don’t need a lot just a simple roll over once is enough. People did comment on my perfume and my 6 year old daughter was always asking if she could wear it!


I really like the concept behind this brand its fun, easy to use, a great price, and helps empower others! so whats not to like


Defineme Fragrances are available to buy online in the USA from Define Me fragrances


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