switching up your skincare for the change of season

After a really fun and busy summer its now back to the normal school routine. As much as i enjoyed the summer with my children, i was ready to drop them back at school on Wednesday!

Over the summer most of us forget to look after our skin, and if we are lucky enough we get a holiday where we apply suncream daily as we don’t want to burn but as soon as we get back home it all goes out the window, then we desperately try to prolong our tan so we have a natural healthy glow. But now is the time to really start looking at your skincare routine.


As the Seasons change so will your skin, in the summer my skin is at its best generally clear and glowing, when we start to approach October my skin starts to change, and i believe this happens to a lot of other people, The central heating comes back on, we aren’t out and about outdoors, the weather starts to get colder, which exposes your skin to dehydration and for me my eating habbit’s tend to lean towards the comforting junkie food rather then the healthy summer salad. This all takes its toll on our skin and this is why now is a great time to kick start your skin into shape. There are various ways to give your skin a summer detox.

  • Peels
  • scrubs
  • intense face mask

The appeal of a peel

Peels have become a great way to give your skin a really great start ahead of the Cold Winter, by removing the old dry and damaged skin, exposing the new fresh surface ready to make heads turn and give yourself that pick me up you probably need ( after 6 weeks of mummy mummy mummy i am definatly ready for a pick me up!). Peels differer between brands and also whether you opt for a home use product or a professional treatment, i will be concentrating on home use products for this post i will save the professional ones for when i have one next.

Home use facial peels generally contain an enzyme, the enzyme is a bit like Pac-man they go around gobbling up and absorbing the dead skin cells, they will only remove dead skin cells they won’t just eat away at your skin, they do not generally contain big beads or grains so the skin won’t be scratched away to remove the cells.  Most home use brands tend to be on the skin for 5- 10 minutes and you can feel a slight tingle which passes after a minute, this is normal as is your skin going slightly red, ( i will post a video over the next few week of a home use enzyme peel so you can see what i mean, i glow for a good 5 minutes!) after you wash the peel away you will notice your skin is really soft and your pores will look super clean.

Scrub the summer away

Scrubs are a more traditional way of removing dead skin cells, these vary in size depending on the brand, and also the amount of grains/beads you have in each scrub will also vary, more gentle scrubs contain smaller beads/grains, more aggressive will be larger, Scrubs work by physically buffing down the cells, again they won’t buff away all your face. There is a much wider range of scrubs in compression to peels, and there are now some on the market which contain both.

Scrubs versus peels

This will come down to personal preference in reality and there is no right or wrong way to exfoliate the skin, for me as some one who has Acne prone skin i would prefer a enzyme based exfoliant because it removes the cells without buffing the skin, if you are congested sometimes its easy to think that physically scrubbing the pores clean will ease the problem, but by using a harsh scrub you are then just scraping the breakout all across your face increasing your chance of the bacteria spreading. This is always the case for me and if i am congested i will just up my weekly peels to keep the pores clear. It also can be said that those with sensitive skin may prefer to use a gentle grain exfoliant to exfoliate the skin as it may not feel as harsh. But like i say its down to preference and what you feel works best for your skin.

Intense face mask

After you’ve cleared those dead cells away you need to give the new ones a kick start. the best way to do this is with a great mask. from firming to rehydrating this is the chance to really give the fresh skin a head start, multi masking is really big at the moment (using different masks for different areas of the face). i am a big advocate for this as not one mask can fix it all, and different parts of your face will have a different concerns. For me now i am currently congested on the chin and around my hairline, slightly dry and dull on the cheeks and the rest of my face could do with a glow!

Over the next few weeks i will be reviewing lots of scrubs, enzymes and face masks to get my skin ready for the change of season, so get your wallets ready because i  have some great finds to share with you, which i know you will want to try for yourself.

Have a great week





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