Skin79 Pore cleansing Bubble mask

*Sponsored post- mask with given to me to review by Skin79*

One of my great discoveries at Cosmoprof was an array of Korean beauty brands, one of which was Skin 79.


Skin 79 are a Korean Skincare brand that i had the pleasure of meeting at Cosmoprof Las Vegas, the team were very inviting and keen to share with me there array of products, including sheet masks-  they have at least 20 different sheet masks!. The brand also includes BB Creams, skincare products and a cosmetics line, the packaging is bright and fun, with the various product lines you have various themes- animal and fruit masks- (which have cute pics on the sheet mask), a snail range, and the more specialist masks like the pore bubble cleansing mask (the one i am reviewing) This is a more targeted mask and when i tried it i could see why.


Prior to opening the packet you rub the mask together to start to activate the ingredients, when you open the mask, there was a very light layer of bubbles, as with all sheet mask they have holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, so i slapped the mask on and watched the mask bubble up.


The mask does actually bubble up!. It reminded me of when you run a bath and you add bubbles and you just watch them get bigger and bigger, this is literally what happened with my sheet mask, and you can feel it expanding underneath the mask as well as an array of white foam on the top! I thought this might be quite gimmicky but it did make my face feel very clean even slightly dry after but other then this no redness or stinging.

The idea of the mask is to give the skin a really deep clean, which it really does well. I would not recommend this mask if you have sensitive or dry skin, but if your like me (oily and acne prone) give it a go.

Perfect to take on holiday so you can give your skin a good clean after days of suncream,  this would help keep the pores clear, but remember new skin means easier to burn so apply at night not the morning if your on holiday!

For under £5 you have a great deep cleaning mask which is easy to apply, fun to use and immediate quick results. I wouldn’t use this weekly as i think this is too strong and could make the skin really dry, however this makes a great monthly treat and a bit of fun if you have the girls over.

Skin79 is available at the following uk websites:


Beauty bay

Look Fantastic


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