Cosmoprof North America part 2

Cosmoprofna is a international beauty trade show which is held annually at the Mandalay Conference centre in Las Vegas, Last week i wrote about my initial reaction on entering the show, Boutique beauty box and trend scouts, this week I’m focusing on some of the events and brands i enjoyed.


Glamour Me 

This was another activity to raise money for charity, in essence glamour me is a make over in 30 minutes, a handful of companies would use their expertise on your hair, nails and/ or make up, mens grooming was also available. You are then encouraged to share your makeover on social media, this is a great way to have cosmetics professionally applied and ask questions about the products and application etc…  Yet again this was something i didn’t get round to doing (sad face) and i really wish i would have made more of an effort to find time to have a make over- it would have saved me the hassle of getting ready later that day. I think it is fantastic that Cosmoprof used activities at the show to raise money for charity.

Cosmoprof North America, CPNA, 2017, Las Vegas, NV


International Country Pavilions

In the middle of the arena Cosmoprof had carefully grouped together a selection of brands from the same countries:

” Beauty products showcasing authentic and innovation from countries reconized for strong heritage in the beauty industry are represented as part of a cohesive national presentations”- text from Cosmoprof show directory 2017

At first i couldn’t figure this out but then realised that as a buyer if you have come from across the globe and you are looking for products from a specific country then this would make your day a whole lot easier. the international pavilions had brands from- New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, and Spain. I had a big interest in Korean beauty as it is making quite an impact in the UK right now, they had a great selection of brands which i will write about on a separate post about K beauty.


Discover beauty

This was a very exquisite section of the show, these brands are keen to expand globally with their prestigious products, i really enjoyed meeting with the brands and found some really interesting companies which i wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet in England


“Are a new holistic beauty brand from Finland that in edition to natural cosmetics contain edible, topical and therapeutic beauty products” – text from


Supermood got my attention as i liked the brands concept natural but fun, a lot of people have the misconception that natural products can be boring and serious, Supermood are challenging this perception, the range concentrates on 3 main lines: Ego boost, Beauty sleep and Youth glo and what makes them stand out is the fact that each line has skin care products, supplements and even beauty chocolate! i have been given a few samples so i will let you know my results.

nakedprincess logo

“Naked Princess encourages women to embrace their femininity through the empowering daily ritual of boudoir. We believe that boudoir isn’t just a space, but also a state of mind; a lasting confidence that can only be attained through unapologetic self care. Our timeless loungewear, lingerie, custom formulated beauty products and gifts are created with this passion – surround yourself with what you love, experience each moment and live the boudoir life”. – text from naked

Who doesn’t want to be princess!, a luxury glamorous brand that is just so pretty, self indulgent and playful, Sometimes we just need to enjoy pampering ourself and why not, Naked princess has a great selection of products that can make you look good and feel great. (come over to the UK please!) and yes i did get a sample review to follow.


“A chance encounter in a London bookstore led us to an unworldly discovery. An apothecary’s manual, lost to time, was discovered tucked upon a shelf and would become the inspiration for a collection of unique fragrances and amazing formulations that have taken the beauty industry by storm.“- text from

How can you not like brand which was created from an “unworldly discovery”, this just sounds magical and i imagine they make the products using wands and spell books (this is one of the best brand descriptions i have ever read!) But on a serious note Royal Apothic is a timeless brand which clearly concentrates on formulations, i have a sample of their Lemoncello hand cream and let me tell you it smells divine.



In the UK Mums and Dads will instantly know who Sophie the giraffe is, inspired by the must have infant teething toy “Sophie la Girafe” cosmetics are a company who are Ecofriendly, Organic and Vegan specialising in skincare for the most precious skin- our babies!

How could you not like this brand, its fun, creative and lovely to see that brands don’t only care about adults they care about little ones skin too. This would make such a great gift at a baby shower, or christening. A really unique and cute idea a must have for those who love Sophie the giraffe.

Cosmoprof North America, CPNA, 2017, Las Vegas, NV

What really made an impression on me was that a lot of the exhibitors at the show were not just marketing teams and PR heads, a lot of the stands had company directors and North American area managers who were happy to talk to you about the product and the company in great depth, many brands were so passionate about their products and were really interested and keen to work with social media influencers and bloggers which was really refreshing.

Next week i will be writing about Green and Korean beauty and hopefully a review or two from some the products i was given at Cosmoprof.







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