Cosmoprof- Las Vegas 2017 Part 1

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a press pass for this years North American Cosmoprof show and i am so glad that i went, this was the BEST beauty show i have ever been too! I don’t even know where to begin writing about my brilliant experience!


What is Cosmoprof?

“Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) furthered its reputation as the leading B2B beauty trade show by introducing revolutionary technologies and forward-thinking programs at the 2016 event, held annually at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Over 33,000 attendees engaged with a record-breaking 1,154 exhibitors from 38 countries to discover unique brand launches, product innovations, new channels for distribution, packaging, and manufacturing; and to form key relationships with top industry professionals and retailers”. – text from

Imagine a British beauty show and times it by 10 add a touch of international sparkle  and you start to get the picture of what Cosmoprof is about! Honesty i only did 1 day at the show and i only got through one third of the stands and exhibitors! I would have gone back for the next 2 days but i was out in the states with my fiancé and we were getting married, although the thought of a 3 day beauty discovery did have a massive appeal, I would have felt a bit mean to leave Elliott on his own again!. (i will write a post about our 7 minute drive thru wedding, I promise!)

On entering the venue my jaw literally dropped to the floor, the event is held annually at the Mandalay hotel convention centre which is linked to the stunning hotel, it’s situated on the main Boulavard in Las Vegas so easy to find and bang in the middle of all the Vegas fun!

The conference is aimed at connecting buyers with international sellers, and it is literally a beauty playground for people like me! As well as the main exhibitors there were plenty of classes and presentations to go to, they were even offering lunch for press! (I didn’t actually get to the lunch as i was so busy on the show floor).


On entering the show there was a sampling bar “Boutique” you had the chance to pick 7 deluxe samples from a selection of 20, these contained everything from hair products, hair brushes, skin creams, perfume, and even beard products. (something i or the delicious daddy won’t be trialling). There was a suggested donation of $10 which goes to Look good feel better  an American charity helping people with cancer. I thought this was a really creative way to support a great cause.

The products i selected for my box:


I will be using the products shortly so reviews aren’t ready just yet but coming very soon.


IMG_1433A selection on of online influencers were selected and given full access to the show, throughout the event they posted live updates of demonstrations, they selected 10 products which they believe will be big news in 2017. The influencers were a mixed selection of make up, skincare, hair and nail influencers and after watching some of their live videos online about cosmoprof i can see why they were selected, each influencer was as individual as the products they selected, The Social media scouts added a great live aspect to the event so if you couldn’t attend you were still able to be  part of cosmoprof, and i have to admit that a few times when i was  by the pool i did tune in to find out what was going on!

Thats all for part 1, check back again next week for part 2 where i will be writing about Glamour me make overs, Korean beauty and much more……









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