La Roche- Posay- Redermic (R) Anti wrinkle treatment

Some of you may have heard of La Roche-Possay, this rapidly growing cosmetic brand which you would commonly have seen in European pharmacy’s is now firmly found its  place on the British high street.

I have written about La Roche- Posay before, as i think the brand is really good for problematic skin, I wanted something to put on my skin at night that would offer more then just moisturising, i need to start preventing the signs of ageing so I can keep my skin in good condition (they say prevention is better then cure), so i decided to try the Redermic (R) wrinkle treatment.

IMG_1359 2

The reason its a treatment you use at night, is because the product contains retinol to be exact 0.3%. Retinol is designed to be used at night as it stimulates the skin to create new cells, ( its a bit like giving the skin a little buff and polish but without using harsh exfoliants), it also helps to stimulate collagen production which make lines and wrinkles appear less severe. This can make the skin sensitive to Sun exposure as the skin can burn more easily, however there is a day version of this which includes SPF 30. I am writing about the night version as haven’t tried the day version yet.

Redermic R as i previously mentioned only contains 0.3% retinol which is just a small amount, this makes it a great product to introduce Retinol to your skin in a gentle formula, this would mean there is less chance of skin irritation especially for those with sensitive skin. ( Retinol can in some cases cause skin irritations due the nature of the product as i have mentioned earlier).

A great way to start commencing retinol is to apply it every other night for the first week and then nightly once your skin has got used to the product, ( If you ever get a reaction to any skincare product please seek medical advice, and if possible contact the skincare company)

Redermic R is a soft gel/cream texture so it can be easy to squeeze too much out of the tube and chuck a load on your face, but as with most beauty products, less is more, i use literally the size of a pea for my face and neck,(not suitable for delicate area around the eyes or lips) I would mention that the product doesn’t tell you how much to apply, so again it will be down to the individual and their skin. It is easily absorbed but does leave a slight greasy residue which is still there the next morning, i don’t feel any stinging or burning when i’ve used this.

I have used this product for a good 6 weeks + and it has helped to keep my skin bright and even, i can’t really massively comment if it fights heavy wrinkles as i don’t really have any, just a very few soft lines. I did notice that for the first week my skin was slightly oily but that soon balanced out.

This product is great if your starting to notice fine lines, uneven skin tone and or slight dark spots. its gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but still effective.

If you have deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone then this probably won’t solve the problem, but may help soften the lines.

£29.50 for 30 ml from La Roche-Possay direct




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