Foreo: Luna Play the gadget on the go

Face brushes and gadgets have become common place in both professional and personal skincare regimes in recent years, I did purchase a clarisonic a few years back but found it was too harsh for my face.

I have heard a lot about Foreo and have had facials which have started with the Luna so i decide to treat myself to one of their Luna play facial cleansing devices, the Play model is the cheapest in the brand (£29) and was launched in April 2016, (yes i now I’m a bit late discovering this).

Who are Foreo and whats a Luna ?

Foreo was founded in 2013 in Sweden specialising in beauty and well being solutions, The Luna is Foreo’s flagship product and since launch Foreo have created 5 different  home use versions to suit every budget and skincare concern.

The Luna works using” T-Sonic pulsation- 8000 pulsations per minute are channeled through the silicone brush across the dermal layer of the skin, these pulsations gently drive away dead skin cells, make up residue as well as 99.5% of dirt and oil”- text from


You use your usual cleanser onto your face (not exfoliants ) run the play under water and then pass the play over the skin for one minute to give a deep down cleanse, The play has one speed so you just press the power button and go. The silicone touch points are 2 sizes, the main area of the play is the smaller size, the top part has a few rows of larger points which are for where you need a deeper clean- nose and chin for me. The play doesn’t feel harsh and you don’t feel like your face is being wobbled like a jelly!


The best bit about the Luna range is the ease of cleaning- you don’t! you just rinse it under hot water after each use, compared to bristle brush face cleansers which are bacteria breeding grounds, and then every few months the brush head needs replacing etc..

The Luna is made from Silicone which Foreo claim is 35 times more hygienic then regular brushes as silicone in nonporous which means theres not anywhere bacteria can really breed, this is why you don’t need to sterilise the device!

A throughly cleansed face always makes for a better base when adding your lotions and potions after, and i have to admit my skin feels so soft and clean after each use, i don’t need to use as much moisturiser as i previously had, because of the pulsations the skin is more open and ready for products.

FullSizeRenderThe play is no bigger then a cottonwool pad, it easy to take away on your travels or fit into your gym bag etc.. the play only last a 100 uses, so you don’t need to charge or replace batteries. The idea of the play is for people to try the Luna without the big outlay and i guess if you get on with it, you upgrade to the bigger versions or you just keep replacing every 100 uses. I think this is a great way to add something extra to your skincare regime. I will definitely be purchasing the Luna Mini 2 in the next few weeks.

To discover more about Foreo and the Luna Range as well as the other devices click the link

I purchased mine from Cult beauty.





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