Dr.PAWPAW- Tinted peach pink balm

When i popped into my local salon services i found this little beauty on the counter, i remember using mine up a few years ago and was keen to have a new one as i hadn’t seen one for a while.

Dr.PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink balm is made in the UK from a variety of natural ingredients including the ingredient fermented Pawpaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The Pawpaw has been found to have natural healing qualities and is believed by many to be the finest natural medicine yet discovered”.- text from DrPAWPAW.com

I have to admit i hadn’t heard of DrPawpaw, i received a sample in a press goodie bag a few years ago- i had the original balm, which had no colour. I used it all up as i would apply it daily at night, it wasn’t sticky and my lips did stay hydrated all night! when it ran out i just forgot and moved onto what ever else was lurking around in the press sample box.

When i found it again i was so pleased to see they had now tinted the balm, i went for the peachy pink colour as its on trend, subtle and would look good on the cheeks as well as the lips.

The texture is firm but not so tough that you can’t squeeze it out of the tube, its soft and pliable so when you apply to the lips and cheeks you don’t end up with a big lump of colour in one area, its cross between a lip balm/cream, The colour is very soft and subtle no granny coral lips! it won’t last all day but generally i just pop it on in the morning or if I’m going out somewhere, i am too lazy to keep topping up through out the day. On the cheeks if you add a small amount and gently dab on the skin, it really brightens up any blusher, or if your being lazy like me just put a dab on to give your cheeks a hint of colour.

This is nice product to keep in your hand bag as a go to when your out and about, great to take on holidays so you can just add to your cheeks and lips when you hit the beach!

If your looking for a all day lasting colour you won’t get it from this, however if you like subtle, simple and easy then this is a must for the handbag.

available at Dr pawpaw

Also other retailers have offers on sets featuring multiple colours

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