La Roche- Possay Effaclar : 3 step anti blemish system

I do love a set that contains everything you need in a skincare routine, it saves the hassle of buying individual products, its a great way to try a new brand but without the commitment of buying full size products and usually there is a saving of a few £ which is always a bonus.

I had seen few posts about La Roche-Possay, and also noticed it in pharmacy’s when i had been in Spain on holiday, when i found it in boots i decided to give it a go, my skin was looking pretty run down, oily spotty and just yuk! The 3 step Anti Blemish system is fairly simple and typical of what you expect from most skincare system- cleanse, tone and moisturise. I had been particularly struggling with a moisturiser that didn’t make my face oily within an hour of applying!

Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel is the first step in the system (obviously). its a clear gel thats aim is to remove impurities from the skin without striping away all the goodness in your skin. The gel itself has a decent thickness in consistency so it doesn’t run of your hands as you fight to try and get it on your face! it is applied to wet skin and gentle massaged in, my skin didn’t feel dry or tingly when i was cleansing my face, which made me wonder if it  was doing anything ( I’m used to big girl cleansers which you can feel working) but you can’t judge a face wash by how it makes your skin feel immediately can you!. Once your face is dry you apply the toner.

Effaclar Clarifying lotion is applied onto a cotton pad and then swept across the skin, now this you can feel working it has a slight tightening but nothing major and its amazing how much dirt can still be on the skin even after cleansing, this is why it is important to use a clarifying lotion/toner to ensure all the dirt is removed and to close the pores back down in preparation for the moisturiser.

And finally to finish you apply Effaclar Duo [+] Anti-blemish Cream, which is a fairly light weight cream i like to apply it to 4/5 points on my face and then massage in, however i have been known to squeeze a blob onto my hands and smear across my face when i have 2 minutes to go before having to do the school run! its down to personal preference, but don’t forget to do your neck no one wants a beautiful face and a wrinkly dry neck! i have had to play around with the amount of cream i have to use, less is definatly more but as with the application technique its down to individual preference.


None of the products are fragranced, which is quite nice and they don’t have that clinical smell which you can sometimes get with oily skin products. My skin did become dry for the first week, but this did calm down, i think that was down to the skin getting used to a new product and also the ingredients in the products doing their job and cleansing the skin properly and balancing the oil levels, but it wasn’t sore at all just a little dry.

My skin did clear in 2 weeks and my skin tone looked more even, my skin wasn’t as oily however when it was “that time of the month” my skin is like an oil slick so had to ease off on the moisturiser and just use a small amount, to keep my skin hydrated but not smothered!

The 3 step system is great way to try La Roche-Possay, this kit would be great for young and older acne prone skin, this would be much better for teenagers then those horrid skin stripping brand we so often go for, if you dry the skin too much, the skin then try to compensate for this by producing more oil and then your in a never ending circle of drying over producing etc.. its far better to regulate the oil levels.

A great way to step up your skincare regime the kits costs £32 and available at various online and in store retailers




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