The Yummy Mummy’s Christmas gift Guide Part 1.

After a very long break from the blog, and i mean a long break i decided it was time to dust off the laptop and get blogging again. I admit earlier in the year i lost my way a little, the blogging arena got quite dull, and to be honest there wasn’t really anything i wanted to write about. Then when the industry starts to become exciting again i am mega busy juggling a new house project ( a complete refurb stripped right back to the brick work) summer holidays with my 2 monkeys, a wedding and a family holiday! as much fun as it was to have some time off, i am now to excited about all the lovely gifts on offer!

Where to begin!

Well as always a gadget was going to be on my list somewhere. I couldn’t be prouder of the team at Neo Elegance. Through out the year i have watched Farrah and her team, grace the pages of many glossy magazines, The Launch of their Illumination mask has been massive and you will regularly see photos of celebs in the mask on instagram. What you will also have seen is Neo Elegance’s facelift pro home use device. I was one of the clever ones to jump on the band wagon a year or so ago. And although it sounds pricy at £249. this is definatly worth the investment!


Only 10 minutes a day!

Anti-ageing products today tend to function on the surface of the skin, the face lift pro works from the inside out. It is unlike any other facial treatment device on the market. Combining the power of 3 technologies – LED light, electrical muscle stimulation and electroporation.

How it benefits your skin

reduces fine lines & wrinkles

skin looks plumper and lifted

skin looks and feels smoother

reduces redness

gives skin a youthful and radiant glow

hydrates skin

Text from Neo

I like to use my facelift pro with a sheet mask once a week after a deep exfoliation, and if i am going out i will use it daily in the week running up. The treatment is pain free and you can see an instant results, plumper, revitalised and clearer looking skin, the more often you use the facelift pro the better the result! So for the ultimate pamper for a lady who enjoys looking after herself the facelift pro is a must! Neo have an amazing selection of gadgets and goodies, watch this space as i am sure Farrah has a new gadget or two for 2017.

The best exfoliator and mask combo ever!

I have been using these 2 products for well over a year now, yet i am still impressed with how well my skin looks after each treatment.

CosMedix is as a professional treatment system that is designed to address and correct skin concerns. Using plant-based and purified Chirally Correct ingredients.

If you are looking to up your game with your skincare Cosmedix is a great brand to try.

Pure Enzymes Exfoliating mask


If you want to give your skin a really good deep down clean this is the exfoliant for you, after cleansing your face (preferably using a cosmedix cleanser for optimum results) then pat face dry, pump three pumps of pure enzymes into the palm of your hand, (you will be amazed how far this product goes, anymore and you are just wasting the mask). Next gently apply to face avoiding eye area, gently massage into your skin for a minute then leave on from 1- 10 minutes, i leave mine on the full 10, but the first time when you use the mask you will feel a very mild tingle and your face heat up, and probably go bright red, (mine does still) but this is fine, however like i said judge your skin and first use, no more then 3 minutes. The mask works by absorbing all the dead skin cells, (a bit like pacman the game) and when rinsed away your skin will feel amazing!, and sometimes a little red, don’t be alarmed completely normal i promise, and it settles within 10 minutes. But don’t do this the night before a big party do this a few days before. This product is safe but strong!.

After pure enzymes I like to use Cosmedix Clear clarifying mask


CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask is a potent detoxifying and deep cleansing mask to treat oily and acne-prone skins. Combining a blend of clays and sulfur, this keratolytic mask removes excess sebum and purifies the skin to prevent new blemishes. Again this product goes far, you need the smallest amount again avoiding the eye area, and leave on for 10 minutes, this mask hasn’t got the nicest of smells but definatly worth it. rinse away after 10 minutes and you will have lovely clear skin. If you are prone to breakouts then this is a great way to keep on top of them.

I hear Cosmedix will be offering a special Christmas promotion which includes Pure Enzymes, check out their website to get your hands on their christmas promotion

A special thank you to Andy Millward  at Cosmedix who always helps me out by explaining the science jargon to me. please check out Andy’s site its full of great articles.

If you are looking for a quick pick me up the Vichy IDEALIA Sleep in mask will be perfect for you.


I like to use this mask the night before going out and/or the night after a night out. Its so simple to use and has a lovely soft sweet smell which isn’t over bearing, its creamy gel texture just absorbs beautifully into the skin over night.

After your normal cleanse and tone routine, then apply the mask over the face and neck as with most masks not around the delicate eye area. What i think is a really nice touch to this product is what you find when you open the box out, inside it shows you some techniques to massage your face after applying the mask, its not essential but if your having a real pamper evening this is such nice thing to do. Then its lights out and off to bed! As i previously mentioned the product is so well absorbed into the skin, you don’t wake up all greasy the next morning. Instead when i woke up my skin look revitalised, fresh and dewy, i kid you not my skin looked awesome and this will most definatly be used after my girls christmas night out next week!

I wouldn’t use this more then once a fortnight as it would be to much for my oily skin but this is such a great mask to have in your collection.

There you go a few luxury skincare products for you to think about purchasing this christmas.



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