SPF Even when its not summer?

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You may have seen in the last few months a big push from various professionals in the skincare and beauty industry concentrating on the importance of wearing SPF protection even when its not sunny? and yes your right it does sound silly, but actually the medical and aesthetic industry have been advising this for years so after reading a lot about the damage to the skin from the sun (even when its not the summer) i decided to continue my SPF use daily, but now i had to try to find a product that would actually work with my skin!

IMG_1540I was very lucky to be gifted the Heliocare360 collection from AesthetiCare in July and after testing it in various climates- (French alps in July, Spanish Winter Sun in October, and cold and wet England – Present) i think its fair to say i have put these cream to the test!

When i start getting ready for a summer holiday i always panic about finding a suitable SPF50 for my face, i have oily, acne prone skin and generally dread using high Sun protection, having tried many different brands on the market including the original Heliocare SPF50 and most have prevented my face from burning but 9/10 my skin breaks out due to the fact most SPF’s are heavy and not designed for oily skin, take forever to rub and feel greasy and heavy. So when i received the Heliocare360 collection i admit i was skeptical but excited to give it a try.

Gel – Oil free, dry touch 

This does not feel like a Factor 50 at all, easily absorbed into the skin, light and non greasy and it remained non greasy all day! this is my favourite of all the range and the one i still wear daily, obviously whilst on holiday i would reapply again later in the day, and still my skin didn’t look oily!

Mineral – Fluid

This was my second choice to try, it felt a little more powdery then the gel, slightly thiner in consistency, again easily absorbed into the skin, however due to the thiner properties of the mineral fluid you do have to be careful with how much you dispense from the tube, as with the gel i reapplied again when on holiday and as with the gel this didn’t looked caked on by the end of the day, however my skin was not as matt as with the gel, but by no means was it shiny.

Fluid Cream 

I only used this once, its not because i really disliked the fluid, its just that i preferred the texture of the gel and mineral cream, however the delicious daddy (My Husband) always complains as his hairline is receding that this area burns, so i gave him the fluid to use, he loved this product and he said it was the best cream he had used as his head didn’t burn and it didn’t look like he had a ton of SPF on his head, so this is now my hubby’s suncream of choice for holiday!

360 Capsules

The capsules were what i was most eager to try, they contain Fernblock- as do the SPF products:

“Fernblock FC is what makes Heliocare 360˚ so unique. It’s a supercharged, fern-derived anti-oxidant that fights and neutralises harmful free radicals in your skin, defending your key skin cells like collagen and elastin. It’s the result of years of research and is exclusive to Heliocare 360˚ products”.- text from AesthiCare.co.uk

I only used the capsules when i was on holiday, and generally i suffer with slight prickly heat and or heat rashes at the end of the day from being in the sun, honestly this didn’t happen when i was taking the capsules, also i noticed that my face didn’t feel dry or tight, and didn’t break out in the normal end of the holiday breakout- (forehead and cheeks).

I am massively impressed with the heliocare360 range, the oil free gel in my favourite and is now my daily SPF, and i will be using the capsules when i go on holiday again as this really helped to stop my skin from feeling dehydrated and tight, also the fact it stopped the heat rashes is a winner.

Also over the festive season Helliocare have been teasing images on social media about a new product launching in the range this year, but they are yet to unveil what it will be…….

Heliocare360 is available at various online and high street retailers to find your nearest supplier click the hashtag and type your postcode to find your closest stockist





Sales, sales and more sales

After a long time away from the blog i have been desperate to get back to work, finding the time to write has been tricky but now i have shipped the kids and my hubby off for a few days, i have got the mac book back out with a coffee and a handful of chocolate bars from my children’s selection boxes which means i am ready to write!

Sales sales and more sales

After the manic rush of Christmas shopping and with the New year fast approaching, every online and retail shop have started to discount many items in the hope we will part with out christmas money, over the last few days i have been browsing many websites and thought it would be worth sharing some of my findings.

(be advised all these offers are correct as of 30th December 2017) 

Feel Unique Winter sale

Dermalogica –  Skin cleanse duo has been reduced to £12.25 the set includes 50ml special cleansing gel and 50ml NEW preclense balm, this is great price to up your clean regime without the expense of a full size product, the precleasne balm has been receiving rave reviews after it launched in Autum this year.

Decleor –  Hand and body essentials – we spend plenty of time and money on our face but we regularly forget to look after the skin on the rest of our body, this collection by Decleor is the perfect treat to start 2018, the kit contains Aroma Svelt Body Refining Oil Serum 100ml, 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator 50ml and 50ml hand cream. Currently in the sale for £40.20 (40% RRP).

Tarte Cosmetics up to 70% year end sale

Tarte have been all over social media since boxing day sharing the 70% sale, and if your a make up junkie there are some great products on offer

Clay Play face shaping palette is down to £18 reduced from £41! the claim is to contour every part of your face, this palette looks fun and for the price its great deal, however be quick this will soon go at this price!

limited edition posh pout lip set this collection contains 8 lip paints in various colours some bold some subtle and this is also £18 so will also probably sell out.

Look fantastic

Foreo Luna Mini– if you want a face cleansing gadget foreo is the brand i choose, it doesn’t have bristles instead silicon coated touch points, this is currently on sale for £55.25 (they are usually around £85)

Urban Decay Naked Vault IV– This is the luxury end of the Christmas spends as the vault is currently on offer for £195, however its RRP was £301, the kit contains the Naked 1,2 & 3 pallets and 9 Vice Lipsticks and 3 lip pencils, for you make up junkies its a must!

Hopefully you all had a good Christmas and enjoy treating yourself to some goodies in sales. I have some great product reviews to share with you in 2018 which include: laser hair removal, skin supplements, SPF and much more. Happy new year


The Yummy Mummy 





Define Me Sophia Isobel Fragrance

When i attended Cosmoprofna i didn’t really think about fragrances, so it was  great that i had the chance to try an American fragrance brand that not only aims to make you feel good about yourself but try to help empower others in the process.

In 2015 Defineme was launched after its founder Jennifer McKay-Newton realised that after working on fragranced candles she want she wanted to take the leap into the beauty industry and create fragrances for Women.

“A collection of beautiful fragrances packaged as empowered women! The women, whom I like to refer to as It-Girls, are inspired by a new generation who are breaking molds and crushing barriers! I carefully choose a name and signature for each fragrance that represents both the scent and the personality behind it, which I believe breathes life into it. The intention is to be a wearable reminder of one’s own confidence, strength, passion, fearlessness + to empower! The importance of giving back is a big part of me, so I’ve implemented the DEFINEME DOLLAR program. We give $1 of every bottle sold to ‘She’s the First’, a non-profit that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders”.- text from definemefragrance.com

The Define me range currently consists of 6 fragrance oils and fragrance mists:

Audry – Fresh and floral

Clara– Elegant and Floral

Delphine– Woody and Floral

Harper– Citrus and sweet

Payton– Spicy and sexy

Sophia Isobel – Intoxicating and sweet

These are just brief descriptions and i am not going to pretend to be a fragrance guru and try to break down the top notes in each scent etc….You will notice that the names have a french influence this is because Jennifer adores Paris and likes to encapsulate this within the Defineme brand.

You can take a quiz on the Defineme website to find out which scent would suit you best, i did and the fragrance for me was:

image from definemefrangrance.com

“DefineMe Delphine is an artistic, creative soul who radiates an effortless elegance. DefineMe Delphine is a beyond dreamy floral with notes of lilac, freesia, ylang ylang, coconut + rosewood.”- text from definemefragrance.com

But the fragranced i received in my beauty box

Sophia Isobel

image from definemefragrance.com

“A free spirit who embraces life with confidence + grace.

Notes of mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar. 

Blendable with other DefineMe Fragrance Oils + Mists.


Wear it to a concert or simply hanging out with girlfriends.”- text from definemefragrance.com 


I would agree that this is a versatile fragrance , its very sweet with a softness to it, (if that makes sense) its not too overpowering so if you like your strong Channels this will be very different for you. It lasts a good half day but you will need to top up if your going out again that night, (who doesn’t do that anyway!) The oil is just the right consitency its not to thick you have snail trials on your wrist and not so thin that it spills everywhere when you apply. it didnt react with the skin in the sun. You don’t need a lot just a simple roll over once is enough. People did comment on my perfume and my 6 year old daughter was always asking if she could wear it!


I really like the concept behind this brand its fun, easy to use, a great price, and helps empower others! so whats not to like


Defineme Fragrances are available to buy online in the USA from Define Me fragrances


Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Set

When i was in the states i decided to have a look in Sephora Las Vegas, to see if there was anything else to add to my already massive American beauty haul, And i came across Peter Thomas Roth mask sampler set, i had seen this in the uk on various sites and had meant to purchase previously so i added it to my basket.

Peter Thomas Roth

“Peter Thomas Roth’s passion for skin care is derived from his quest to find effective products to treat his own personal skin care concerns. Initially his primary issue was acne and as time went on anti-aging issues as well. His interests eventually grew into a desire to find the best tools to combat acne, the many signs of aging, as well as protecting the skin from sun damage. His mission: to combine effective and potent ingredients with advanced technology”- text from peterthomasroth.com

I like the concept behind the brand, the packaging is fun and fresh and the price market is about right considering the potency of the products (£24)


The Mask sampler set is a beautiful rainbow of colours with 6 different masks to treat different skincare concerns, I can actually use every single one of these masks! which is a first, usually in a collection there is always one that my skin reacts to.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

FullSizeRender 4

I have mentioned enzymes in a previous post as an alternative to physical scrubs, this pumpkin one definitely packs a punch, it contains an enzyme,(pumpkin) a chemical exfoliant (Alpha hydroxy acid) and some really small aluminium oxide crystals to physically buff those cells away, you will feel a tingle and my face goes red for a good 5 minutes. But this is what you expect from an enzyme mask, i only leave it on for 5 minutes as this is enough for me, my skin feels very soft afterwards but i always follow up with a second mask, as i have removed the dead dull cells its time to put some goodies onto the new exposed skin.

Cucumber Gel Detoxifying Hydrating Mask


This mask not only contains cucumber but also papaya, chamomile and Aloe vera to name a few, this mask is aimed at soothing hydrating and removing toxins, this is great to use on areas that are sensitive, the texture is a gel and slowly absorbed into the skin, great for when your skin has been in the sun all day, or for those with delicate skin. (i put this on at night and sleep in it if i have been in the sun all day and skin feels little tight).

24K Gold Luxury Lift and Firm Mask


This anti ageing mask gives the skin a lift and glow, 24k gold has been appearing in many face masks in the last year, I  have to admit this is my least favourite mask it did lift my face and make the skin look firmer, but it did also make it a little dry, so i would follow up with an additional mask or not necessarily use this mask post pumpkin peel, i did have a better result when i used it as a quick fix before a night out without exfoliating. The texture is a creamy gel and you won’t look like a gold statue as you only need a small amount and a thin layer.

Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask


This beautiful gel mask will nourish and hydrate dry skin, this light gel texture is very easily absorbed into the skin, and is even suitable for congested and oily skin like mine as it is not heavy. As i don’t generally have dry skin this is one i use again after a day in the sun or on my cheeks when the winter arrives (definitely coming out this week) i have slept in this mask whilst on holiday to give me skin a good drink, and i also applied this prior to the 10 hour flight back to the uk, have to say this kept my skin hydrated but not oily.

Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask


This is a black mask and i mean black!, it helps draw our impurities and decongest the skin, as well as minimising pore size. Great for when your breaking out! this is a weekly staple in my skincare routine and doesn’t leave your skin tight or sore, the mask is a thick black cream but unlike some mud masks this does not dry hard fairly easy to remove but you will need to ensure there is none left in your hairline otherwise your going to get some nice black stains on your pillowcase. i love to use this on my chin and nose to help keep the pores clear.

Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Mask


Stem cells are a great way to help repair the signs of ageing, this delicate rose mask is beautifully fragranced without being over powering, this mask also delivers nourishment to the skin making the skin appear fuller and more radiant. I like to use this on areas that are starting to show the signs of ageing and areas that are dry. After coming back from holiday its a must for me!. I also used this mask before i got married in Las Vegas as it plumped out the lines and gave my skin lovely dewy glow.




This mask sampler set has a great selection of masks to treat an array of skincare concerns, the product sizes are also cabin friendly (14ml) so you can add one or two to your hand luggage when you go on holiday. The masks are very powerful and a fantastic way to try a brand without the big investment of larger size products. I am really glad i purchased this set as it gave me a chance to try a cult beauty brand and I have to say i am really impressed, if the rest of the Peter Thomas Roth products are as good as these i look forward to experimenting with more products within the brand.

Peter Roth Thomas products are available at a number of online stores

For UK online stores see below (a lot or companies are out of stock)

Look Fantastic

Beauty Bay

For US Online stores see below



switching up your skincare for the change of season

After a really fun and busy summer its now back to the normal school routine. As much as i enjoyed the summer with my children, i was ready to drop them back at school on Wednesday!

Over the summer most of us forget to look after our skin, and if we are lucky enough we get a holiday where we apply suncream daily as we don’t want to burn but as soon as we get back home it all goes out the window, then we desperately try to prolong our tan so we have a natural healthy glow. But now is the time to really start looking at your skincare routine.


As the Seasons change so will your skin, in the summer my skin is at its best generally clear and glowing, when we start to approach October my skin starts to change, and i believe this happens to a lot of other people, The central heating comes back on, we aren’t out and about outdoors, the weather starts to get colder, which exposes your skin to dehydration and for me my eating habbit’s tend to lean towards the comforting junkie food rather then the healthy summer salad. This all takes its toll on our skin and this is why now is a great time to kick start your skin into shape. There are various ways to give your skin a summer detox.

  • Peels
  • scrubs
  • intense face mask

The appeal of a peel

Peels have become a great way to give your skin a really great start ahead of the Cold Winter, by removing the old dry and damaged skin, exposing the new fresh surface ready to make heads turn and give yourself that pick me up you probably need ( after 6 weeks of mummy mummy mummy i am definatly ready for a pick me up!). Peels differer between brands and also whether you opt for a home use product or a professional treatment, i will be concentrating on home use products for this post i will save the professional ones for when i have one next.

Home use facial peels generally contain an enzyme, the enzyme is a bit like Pac-man they go around gobbling up and absorbing the dead skin cells, they will only remove dead skin cells they won’t just eat away at your skin, they do not generally contain big beads or grains so the skin won’t be scratched away to remove the cells.  Most home use brands tend to be on the skin for 5- 10 minutes and you can feel a slight tingle which passes after a minute, this is normal as is your skin going slightly red, ( i will post a video over the next few week of a home use enzyme peel so you can see what i mean, i glow for a good 5 minutes!) after you wash the peel away you will notice your skin is really soft and your pores will look super clean.

Scrub the summer away

Scrubs are a more traditional way of removing dead skin cells, these vary in size depending on the brand, and also the amount of grains/beads you have in each scrub will also vary, more gentle scrubs contain smaller beads/grains, more aggressive will be larger, Scrubs work by physically buffing down the cells, again they won’t buff away all your face. There is a much wider range of scrubs in compression to peels, and there are now some on the market which contain both.

Scrubs versus peels

This will come down to personal preference in reality and there is no right or wrong way to exfoliate the skin, for me as some one who has Acne prone skin i would prefer a enzyme based exfoliant because it removes the cells without buffing the skin, if you are congested sometimes its easy to think that physically scrubbing the pores clean will ease the problem, but by using a harsh scrub you are then just scraping the breakout all across your face increasing your chance of the bacteria spreading. This is always the case for me and if i am congested i will just up my weekly peels to keep the pores clear. It also can be said that those with sensitive skin may prefer to use a gentle grain exfoliant to exfoliate the skin as it may not feel as harsh. But like i say its down to preference and what you feel works best for your skin.

Intense face mask

After you’ve cleared those dead cells away you need to give the new ones a kick start. the best way to do this is with a great mask. from firming to rehydrating this is the chance to really give the fresh skin a head start, multi masking is really big at the moment (using different masks for different areas of the face). i am a big advocate for this as not one mask can fix it all, and different parts of your face will have a different concerns. For me now i am currently congested on the chin and around my hairline, slightly dry and dull on the cheeks and the rest of my face could do with a glow!

Over the next few weeks i will be reviewing lots of scrubs, enzymes and face masks to get my skin ready for the change of season, so get your wallets ready because i  have some great finds to share with you, which i know you will want to try for yourself.

Have a great week





Skin79 Pore cleansing Bubble mask

*Sponsored post- mask with given to me to review by Skin79*

One of my great discoveries at Cosmoprof was an array of Korean beauty brands, one of which was Skin 79.


Skin 79 are a Korean Skincare brand that i had the pleasure of meeting at Cosmoprof Las Vegas, the team were very inviting and keen to share with me there array of products, including sheet masks-  they have at least 20 different sheet masks!. The brand also includes BB Creams, skincare products and a cosmetics line, the packaging is bright and fun, with the various product lines you have various themes- animal and fruit masks- (which have cute pics on the sheet mask), a snail range, and the more specialist masks like the pore bubble cleansing mask (the one i am reviewing) This is a more targeted mask and when i tried it i could see why.


Prior to opening the packet you rub the mask together to start to activate the ingredients, when you open the mask, there was a very light layer of bubbles, as with all sheet mask they have holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, so i slapped the mask on and watched the mask bubble up.


The mask does actually bubble up!. It reminded me of when you run a bath and you add bubbles and you just watch them get bigger and bigger, this is literally what happened with my sheet mask, and you can feel it expanding underneath the mask as well as an array of white foam on the top! I thought this might be quite gimmicky but it did make my face feel very clean even slightly dry after but other then this no redness or stinging.

The idea of the mask is to give the skin a really deep clean, which it really does well. I would not recommend this mask if you have sensitive or dry skin, but if your like me (oily and acne prone) give it a go.

Perfect to take on holiday so you can give your skin a good clean after days of suncream,  this would help keep the pores clear, but remember new skin means easier to burn so apply at night not the morning if your on holiday!

For under £5 you have a great deep cleaning mask which is easy to apply, fun to use and immediate quick results. I wouldn’t use this weekly as i think this is too strong and could make the skin really dry, however this makes a great monthly treat and a bit of fun if you have the girls over.

Skin79 is available at the following uk websites:


Beauty bay

Look Fantastic


Cosmoprof North America part 2

Cosmoprofna is a international beauty trade show which is held annually at the Mandalay Conference centre in Las Vegas, Last week i wrote about my initial reaction on entering the show, Boutique beauty box and trend scouts, this week I’m focusing on some of the events and brands i enjoyed.


Glamour Me 

This was another activity to raise money for charity, in essence glamour me is a make over in 30 minutes, a handful of companies would use their expertise on your hair, nails and/ or make up, mens grooming was also available. You are then encouraged to share your makeover on social media, this is a great way to have cosmetics professionally applied and ask questions about the products and application etc…  Yet again this was something i didn’t get round to doing (sad face) and i really wish i would have made more of an effort to find time to have a make over- it would have saved me the hassle of getting ready later that day. I think it is fantastic that Cosmoprof used activities at the show to raise money for charity.

Cosmoprof North America, CPNA, 2017, Las Vegas, NV


International Country Pavilions

In the middle of the arena Cosmoprof had carefully grouped together a selection of brands from the same countries:

” Beauty products showcasing authentic and innovation from countries reconized for strong heritage in the beauty industry are represented as part of a cohesive national presentations”- text from Cosmoprof show directory 2017

At first i couldn’t figure this out but then realised that as a buyer if you have come from across the globe and you are looking for products from a specific country then this would make your day a whole lot easier. the international pavilions had brands from- New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, and Spain. I had a big interest in Korean beauty as it is making quite an impact in the UK right now, they had a great selection of brands which i will write about on a separate post about K beauty.


Discover beauty

This was a very exquisite section of the show, these brands are keen to expand globally with their prestigious products, i really enjoyed meeting with the brands and found some really interesting companies which i wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet in England


“Are a new holistic beauty brand from Finland that in edition to natural cosmetics contain edible, topical and therapeutic beauty products” – text from Superfood.fi


Supermood got my attention as i liked the brands concept natural but fun, a lot of people have the misconception that natural products can be boring and serious, Supermood are challenging this perception, the range concentrates on 3 main lines: Ego boost, Beauty sleep and Youth glo and what makes them stand out is the fact that each line has skin care products, supplements and even beauty chocolate! i have been given a few samples so i will let you know my results.

nakedprincess logo

“Naked Princess encourages women to embrace their femininity through the empowering daily ritual of boudoir. We believe that boudoir isn’t just a space, but also a state of mind; a lasting confidence that can only be attained through unapologetic self care. Our timeless loungewear, lingerie, custom formulated beauty products and gifts are created with this passion – surround yourself with what you love, experience each moment and live the boudoir life”. – text from naked princess.com

Who doesn’t want to be princess!, a luxury glamorous brand that is just so pretty, self indulgent and playful, Sometimes we just need to enjoy pampering ourself and why not, Naked princess has a great selection of products that can make you look good and feel great. (come over to the UK please!) and yes i did get a sample review to follow.


“A chance encounter in a London bookstore led us to an unworldly discovery. An apothecary’s manual, lost to time, was discovered tucked upon a shelf and would become the inspiration for a collection of unique fragrances and amazing formulations that have taken the beauty industry by storm.“- text from royalapothic.com

How can you not like brand which was created from an “unworldly discovery”, this just sounds magical and i imagine they make the products using wands and spell books (this is one of the best brand descriptions i have ever read!) But on a serious note Royal Apothic is a timeless brand which clearly concentrates on formulations, i have a sample of their Lemoncello hand cream and let me tell you it smells divine.



In the UK Mums and Dads will instantly know who Sophie the giraffe is, inspired by the must have infant teething toy “Sophie la Girafe” cosmetics are a company who are Ecofriendly, Organic and Vegan specialising in skincare for the most precious skin- our babies!

How could you not like this brand, its fun, creative and lovely to see that brands don’t only care about adults they care about little ones skin too. This would make such a great gift at a baby shower, or christening. A really unique and cute idea a must have for those who love Sophie the giraffe.

Cosmoprof North America, CPNA, 2017, Las Vegas, NV

What really made an impression on me was that a lot of the exhibitors at the show were not just marketing teams and PR heads, a lot of the stands had company directors and North American area managers who were happy to talk to you about the product and the company in great depth, many brands were so passionate about their products and were really interested and keen to work with social media influencers and bloggers which was really refreshing.

Next week i will be writing about Green and Korean beauty and hopefully a review or two from some the products i was given at Cosmoprof.







Cosmoprof- Las Vegas 2017 Part 1

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a press pass for this years North American Cosmoprof show and i am so glad that i went, this was the BEST beauty show i have ever been too! I don’t even know where to begin writing about my brilliant experience!


What is Cosmoprof?

“Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) furthered its reputation as the leading B2B beauty trade show by introducing revolutionary technologies and forward-thinking programs at the 2016 event, held annually at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Over 33,000 attendees engaged with a record-breaking 1,154 exhibitors from 38 countries to discover unique brand launches, product innovations, new channels for distribution, packaging, and manufacturing; and to form key relationships with top industry professionals and retailers”. – text from cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

Imagine a British beauty show and times it by 10 add a touch of international sparkle  and you start to get the picture of what Cosmoprof is about! Honesty i only did 1 day at the show and i only got through one third of the stands and exhibitors! I would have gone back for the next 2 days but i was out in the states with my fiancé and we were getting married, although the thought of a 3 day beauty discovery did have a massive appeal, I would have felt a bit mean to leave Elliott on his own again!. (i will write a post about our 7 minute drive thru wedding, I promise!)

On entering the venue my jaw literally dropped to the floor, the event is held annually at the Mandalay hotel convention centre which is linked to the stunning hotel, it’s situated on the main Boulavard in Las Vegas so easy to find and bang in the middle of all the Vegas fun!

The conference is aimed at connecting buyers with international sellers, and it is literally a beauty playground for people like me! As well as the main exhibitors there were plenty of classes and presentations to go to, they were even offering lunch for press! (I didn’t actually get to the lunch as i was so busy on the show floor).


On entering the show there was a sampling bar “Boutique” you had the chance to pick 7 deluxe samples from a selection of 20, these contained everything from hair products, hair brushes, skin creams, perfume, and even beard products. (something i or the delicious daddy won’t be trialling). There was a suggested donation of $10 which goes to Look good feel better  an American charity helping people with cancer. I thought this was a really creative way to support a great cause.

The products i selected for my box:


I will be using the products shortly so reviews aren’t ready just yet but coming very soon.


IMG_1433A selection on of online influencers were selected and given full access to the show, throughout the event they posted live updates of demonstrations, they selected 10 products which they believe will be big news in 2017. The influencers were a mixed selection of make up, skincare, hair and nail influencers and after watching some of their live videos online about cosmoprof i can see why they were selected, each influencer was as individual as the products they selected, The Social media scouts added a great live aspect to the event so if you couldn’t attend you were still able to be  part of cosmoprof, and i have to admit that a few times when i was  by the pool i did tune in to find out what was going on!

Thats all for part 1, check back again next week for part 2 where i will be writing about Glamour me make overs, Korean beauty and much more……









Protecting your skin from the sun

As sumer has finally arrived in the UK, it made me think about how to stay safe in the sun, i am forever seeing burnt people wandering around in the summer, and I’m always shocked at why people are so bad at applying sunscreen.

I have to admit that when i was in my late teens and early 20’s i did worship the sun a little too much, i did always use sunscreen but probably a little low on the SPF- 15/20! Now in my 30’s and as a mother of 2, i am more careful about sunscreen in fact just before i dropped my 2 off at school this morning i covered them in an 8 hour water resistant SPF 50 and i sent the bottle into school with them along with a hat each.

I think the reason some people don’t use sunscreen is because they get confused about safe sun exposure.


The British Skin Foundation is a fantastic charity which helps to fund research skin disorders and disease’s, obviously one of these is skin cancer, Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation spokesperson has answered some myths about sun exposure

“I can’t get sun damage on a cloudy summer day”
         Even if you can’t see any blue sky, a significant amount of UV rays can still get through the clouds, so it’s best to apply sunscreen if you’re out and about during the summer.

“My skin is only damaged if it turns red.”
Sunburn and skin peeling is the extreme end of skin damage from UV rays. When the skin ‘tans’ this is damaging your skin and putting you at risk of skin cancer in the future.

“My sunscreen says it’s water resistant, so I don’t need to reapply regularly.”
Despite what the packaging promises, swimming, sweating, rubbing, or towelling down means you will end up removing the sunscreen from your body. Always reapply after sporting activity or at least every two hours.

What are the most common mistakes people make around sun protection?

  • People often miss areas and forget to apply suncream to the tip of the nose, ears, and hairline, and scalp.
  • Ensuring you get the right sunscreen for your skin type; many are greasy and unsuitable for oily or acne prone skin which require lighter formulations
  • Those with olive or pigmented skin often think they don’t need sunscreen. Skin of colour is also sensitive to damage caused by UV and requires protection
  • Not using enough – you need about a quarter of a teaspoon to cover your face
  • Incorrect layering of products on the face – moisturiser first if you use one then sunscreen afterwards followed by make-up if you choose
  • Check expiry dates as sunscreens lose their potency over time
  • Body parts most often missed are eyelids, back of knees, ears, tops of feet, scalp, hair and lips.

I know first hand what it is like to burn badly in the sun! When i was 16 i went on a school trip to Italy and on our last day we were sat on the beach, it was very cloudy so none of us put any sun cream on, on our journey back home i started to show signs of sunstroke and my skin was on fire! it was awful, really sore and i felt so sick! after that i was always careful to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, however in my early 20’s i was in Greece and i decided to try an all day filter- sadly i didn’t apply it correctly and the sun filter cooked into my skin! i ended up in a pharmacy having blisters popped and drained and spending quite a bit of cash of creams to sort the burn out. These areas still now are more likely to burn so i have to use a strong SPF on the old burn areas.

I know it can sometimes be a pain to keep reapplying sun cream but it is so important to do this! If your good at a skincare routine then get yourself into a SPF Routine, my sun safe tips are:


Find a suncream that works with your skin                Different skin types require different lotion formulations, so find one that works with your skin, the last thing you want is a heavy creamy which makes your skin oily, or a light cream which doesn’t nourish dry skins, try and test till you find one you like.

Re-apply regularly                                                     You can never have to much Sunscreen on! if your lazy like me go for a strong all day filter all you  need to do is  top up if your active or wet, but at least you won’t have to keep applying every hour!


Carry a handbag size suncream with you at all times                                                                                   I have been caught out more then once on a day out with the kids, so now i always keep a cream in my car and a pocket size in my handbag.

Get your children used to having suncream on                                                                   You can get some great clothing that protect from UV rays however it is still important for children to wear SPF, i know it can be a chore to cream a slippery and fidgety 2 year old but the more they get used to it the less of a challenge it becomes, try getting them to cream your arms or legs and make sun cream application fun- you can also sing songs about the body whilst applying cream.

Ensure your using enough suncream                                                                                       Less is definatly not better, some brands do state how much to use but if in doubt slap another dollop on!

Stay sun safe and enjoy, i just hope your not struggling to sleep in this heat wave like i am

If you would like to donate to the British Skin Foundation click the link below

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La Roche- Posay- Redermic (R) Anti wrinkle treatment

Some of you may have heard of La Roche-Possay, this rapidly growing cosmetic brand which you would commonly have seen in European pharmacy’s is now firmly found its  place on the British high street.

I have written about La Roche- Posay before, as i think the brand is really good for problematic skin, I wanted something to put on my skin at night that would offer more then just moisturising, i need to start preventing the signs of ageing so I can keep my skin in good condition (they say prevention is better then cure), so i decided to try the Redermic (R) wrinkle treatment.

IMG_1359 2

The reason its a treatment you use at night, is because the product contains retinol to be exact 0.3%. Retinol is designed to be used at night as it stimulates the skin to create new cells, ( its a bit like giving the skin a little buff and polish but without using harsh exfoliants), it also helps to stimulate collagen production which make lines and wrinkles appear less severe. This can make the skin sensitive to Sun exposure as the skin can burn more easily, however there is a day version of this which includes SPF 30. I am writing about the night version as haven’t tried the day version yet.

Redermic R as i previously mentioned only contains 0.3% retinol which is just a small amount, this makes it a great product to introduce Retinol to your skin in a gentle formula, this would mean there is less chance of skin irritation especially for those with sensitive skin. ( Retinol can in some cases cause skin irritations due the nature of the product as i have mentioned earlier).

A great way to start commencing retinol is to apply it every other night for the first week and then nightly once your skin has got used to the product, ( If you ever get a reaction to any skincare product please seek medical advice, and if possible contact the skincare company)

Redermic R is a soft gel/cream texture so it can be easy to squeeze too much out of the tube and chuck a load on your face, but as with most beauty products, less is more, i use literally the size of a pea for my face and neck,(not suitable for delicate area around the eyes or lips) I would mention that the product doesn’t tell you how much to apply, so again it will be down to the individual and their skin. It is easily absorbed but does leave a slight greasy residue which is still there the next morning, i don’t feel any stinging or burning when i’ve used this.

I have used this product for a good 6 weeks + and it has helped to keep my skin bright and even, i can’t really massively comment if it fights heavy wrinkles as i don’t really have any, just a very few soft lines. I did notice that for the first week my skin was slightly oily but that soon balanced out.

This product is great if your starting to notice fine lines, uneven skin tone and or slight dark spots. its gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but still effective.

If you have deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone then this probably won’t solve the problem, but may help soften the lines.

£29.50 for 30 ml from La Roche-Possay direct